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Company Profile

Dial-A-Floor has been launched into the Southern African market in the beginning of 2005 and introduced a new and exciting block and lintel system that's giving a lot of advantages over conventional solid reinforced concrete slabs.

  • No need for shuttering
  • Only few props are needed, allowing work to continue below the slab during construction
  • It requires less concrete (because of the use of void-filling hollow blocks) resulting in less mass therefore resulting in a more economical supporting structure
  • The sheer simplicity of the placing of the lintels and blocks is fast, saving you in construction time.
  • During installation the lintels are self supporting (depending on the length of the span)
  • Ease of handling, can be carried by the steel lattice, resulting less casualties and faster handling
  • No brakeage at all
  • Less props are needed, because the unique and innovative "A" shaped steel lattice and resulting stronger slabs

The company has built a respected reputation in a very short time through offering a world-class product.Pushing boundaries through two-way communication at all levels.

We've built our credibility and reputation by being in the building industry for about thirty years. It's our mission to meet our customer's expectations in terms of quality and service.

We comprise an extensive service for all types of construction projects and believe that if we enhance our customer's performance, it will add value to ourselves. Goals include that Dial-A-Floor must be the customer's obvious first choice as supplier of first floor slabs.

Dial-A-Floor's business philosophy is based on a long-term horizon and continuity and the company is constantly striving to broaden its reach and service. 

We are extremely sensitive to environmental issues; this includes injuries, accidents, incidents and other safety issues.